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By Adam Huttler
February 22nd, 2018

By Adam Huttler, CEO of Exponential Creativity Ventures As faithful readers know, after 20 years at Fractured Atlas I have moved on to a new role at Exponential Creativity Ventures, an investment fund backing startups developing technology for creativity. Fractured Atlas created Exponential Creativity Ventures as a separate but integrated parallel track for achieving its vision of maximizing humanity’s creative potential.

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By Lisa Niedermeyer
May 9th, 2017

photo credit: Marcel Münch via  Flickr As scout for the Exponential Creativity Fund at Fractured Atlas, I’m in the unique position of finding arts entrepreneurs to pitch to our impact investment fund, helping them prepare, and participating in the pitch sessions.

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By Jason Tseng
September 22nd, 2015

  a conversation with inventor/maker Chap Ambrose and Executive Director Adam Huttler of Fractured Atlas It started as a simple idea in Chap Ambrose’s head: a device that encourages people to make time for their creative projects. After creating an early prototype, Chap submitted the idea to Fractured Atlas’s research and development pipeline. For the past few months, a small dedicated team has been working to make the Make Time Clock a reality. Last week, I sat down with Chap and Fractured Atlas founder Adam Huttler to talk about this unlikely and innovative project, and how it came to be: