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Adam Huttler Post by Adam Huttler

By Adam Huttler on February 22nd, 2018

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Invent Your Own Thinking Board Game

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By Adam Huttler, CEO of Exponential Creativity Ventures

As faithful readers know, after 20 years at Fractured Atlas I have moved on to a new role at Exponential Creativity Ventures, an investment fund backing startups developing technology for creativity. Fractured Atlas created Exponential Creativity Ventures as a separate but integrated parallel track for achieving its vision of maximizing humanity’s creative potential.

Today, I’m happy to showcase one of our first investments, Move38. This design and gaming firm is launching Blinks, a next generation platform for casual, digital tabletop games.

Read more at Exponential Creativity.

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About Adam Huttler

Adam Huttler is the founder and Managing General Partner of Exponential Creativity Ventures. As a six-time founder, his career’s through-line has been about helping mission-driven companies use technology to drive innovative revenue strategies. Adam is best known as the founder of Fractured Atlas, a social enterprise SaaS platform that helps artists and creative businesses thrive.