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Updates and Announcements | Privacy | Data | Gdpr | Security | Uncategorized

By Molaundo Jones
September 21st, 2018

By Molaundo Jones, Social Media Specialist at Fractured Atlas At Fractured Atlas we value our members’ privacy and want to ensure that our systems align with the most current data protection laws. We just updated our Privacy Policy, clarifying what we do and don’t do with the information that we collect. Additionally, we will continue to assess our infrastructure and fortify the conditions and procedures that we have in place for protecting member data. We are also working to ensure that members have the increased ability to opt in or out of specific services.

Blog Feature

Updates and Announcements | Privacy | Data | Gdpr

By Fractured Atlas
May 25th, 2018

If you’re like us, you’ve been getting a lot of emails from companies across the spectrum that are announcing changes to their privacy policies to be in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Because this regulation was initiated by the European Union, most of the companies are obliged to update these policies by May 25th because they deliver products and services directly to users in the EU (and the UK despite their pending Brexit). The goals of the GDPR are to protect the privacy of Internet users in the EU and the UK by disclosing what data will be collected about them, how data will be used and shared, and what users can do to protect their information. A lot of companies are racing toward this deadline, and many will be working past May 25th to come into compliance.

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