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How We Work | Leadership | Change Management | People Operations | Human Resources | Shared Leadership | Staffing And Recruiting | Teamwork

By Tim Cynova
October 9th, 2019

Challenge How does a Board of Directors (re)craft its annual assessment of the CEO when that role is filled by a four-person, shared, non-hierarchical leadership team? This was precisely the challenge the Fractured Atlas Board faced in early 2019. Below, in detail, we describe the process we crafted to answer this question.

Blog Feature

Big Ideas | Arts | Soapbox | Team | Teamwork

By Angelique Weger
August 16th, 2017

Image credit: Editor’s note: this post originally appeared on Angélique’s blog, Dev Journal. I’ve been thinking a lot about teams and, based on my own lucky experiences, what makes them work well. I’ve been at Fractured Atlas for three months now and am legitimately delighted at how quickly and easily I gelled with my new team. The one thing I keep coming back to when trying to describe why I’ve been able to connect so quickly and accomplish so much is this: safety.

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