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Blog Feature

Big Ideas | Tips and Tools | Social Media | Workplace

By Vicky Blume
September 26th, 2022

Being transparent with your followers, friends, and family is scary. I’ll go first:

Blog Feature

Tips and Tools | Arts | Fundraising | Social Media

By Jaclyn Tacoronte
April 20th, 2018

Twenty years ago, most thriving small businesses and nonprofits had one fabulous public relations person, one techie sorting out what emails and websites were all about, and one executive director who could solicit fundraising dollars by hosting a cocktail event. Fast forward to 2018, and everything is about real time, instant gratification and, more importantly, appreciation. Fractured Atlas has partnered with JMT Media to learn more about how for-profit entities can connect with the nonprofit sectors through visibility, partnerships, and strategic outreach.

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