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Sarah Ragsdale

Sarah Ragsdale is a Fractured Atlas Fellow. She earned a certificate in the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership, both at the University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a Master of Arts in Political Science (United Nations and Global Policy) from Rutgers University. Sarah is a singer, pianist, and songwriter. As a performer and independent artist, she has made appearances in piano bars, her own albums, and international song collaborations. She believes in art as an instrument for encouraging cultural empathy. Prior organization experience includes the United Nations Department of Global Communications, Civil Society Unit and the Center for Women’s Global Leadership. As a Peace Ambassador with the Institute for Economics and Peace, she strives to incorporate the pillars of positive peace into her work.

Blog Feature

Big Ideas | Tips and Tools | Artists and Members

By Sarah Ragsdale
June 7th, 2022

For years, as an indie music artist I have researched and practiced building my own brand. Workshops, books, influencers in the world of indie music, and even academic courses teach the components of branding in terms of look, sound, story, message, etc. As it's known, even though it can sometimes be grouped into unappealing thoughts associated with “marketing”, “branding” is a necessary and powerful component to be able to share our art with the world.