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Anastasia Wardhana

Anastasia Wardhana is an interdisciplinary artist whose creative practice covers a range of different mediums, including book and zinemaking, film, writing, soft structures, and more. Outside of their artistic practice, you can find them taking dance classes, studying astrology, journaling, or daydreaming about where they want to travel to next. Throughout their work and life, their ultimate goal is to use art and storytelling to build collective empathy and create spaces, both physical and non-physical, where people are free to be their authentic selves without fear.

Blog Feature

Big Ideas | Artist Wellness

By Anastasia Wardhana
September 26th, 2023

If you’re an artist, you’ve probably experienced a moment—maybe even several—when you look back on a stretch of time and realize that you’ve created less art than usual, or even no art at all. Maybe you’re in the middle of some big changes, like becoming a parent, or attending to your mental health. You might be emerging from a particularly busy period, and just want to soak up some rest for the time being. Moving through different seasons is a normal part of both life and the creative process. But what happens when those short breaks in between your art sessions start stretching into weeks, months, or even years? How do we navigate longer, extended breaks away from our art practice and the emotions that may arise with them?