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How We Work | Tips and Tools | Customer Service | Artists and Members

By Lauren Lattimore
February 24th, 2020

You’ve just signed up for membership to Fractured Atlas and now have questions. Maybe you’re a fiscally-sponsored project who needs our credentials to receive a nonprofit rate discount on a venue ASAP. You quickly submit your request to our support email address and wait for a reply. The rest of the day goes by: you’re wondering if your message was received and if a solution will be provided in enough time. Alas, on the next business day, you receive an email from a Fractured Atlas Program Associate.  If you’re wondering what happens from the time you hit ‘send’ and our first response, here’s a quick breakdown of your email’s journey!

Blog Feature

Customer Service | People Operations

By Tim Cynova
October 22nd, 2015

[This article was originally published on the Fractured Atlas blog, January 6, 2015] This past holiday season I found myself increasingly asking the question — WWZD? What Would Zappos Do? Why is the venue usher being so unreasonable to that couple and ruining the concert for everyone? WWZD? Why does it seem like that ticket agent is auditioning for the role of The Grinch? WWZD? Why is that person yelling at customers to separate into multiple lines when there is no signage indicating that that’s what the store prefers? WWZD?

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