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By Fractured Atlas on July 13th, 2016

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CultureFlash: “Jazz Thinking”, How Crowdfunding Changes Art, First Broadway Livestream Event…

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Ideo: Is Jazz School The Next Great Innovation Incubator?

We call our approach design thinking. Berklee doesn’t have a name for their mind-set yet (“jazz thinking” or “music thinking” come to mind), but the similarities between the two have led us to believe there are fundamental entrepreneurial traits in the professional creative process.

How Does Crowdfunding Change the Picture for Artists?

Digital platforms let people successfully and efficiently sort into narrow niches, to find a vibrant-yet-specialized community of interest. These better matches are game-changers for some, but it may not be a boon for everyone.

Introducing a New Tool for Unlocking the Power of Media Grants Data.

Developed by Foundation Center and available on the Media Impact Funders’ website, this new tool enables users to see, understand, and dig deep into the numbers, networks, and trends surrounding media and philanthropy.

Web Site Offers First Ever-Live Stream of a Broadway Show for $10.

While tickets to the New York production are going for $52 to $147, the streamed show — offering 10 camera angles — goes for a mere $9.99 on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Or you can enjoy it on big TV screens by using Apple TV and Roku set-top boxes, but only if you pick a $169.99 (year-long) or $14.99 (one month) subscription to BroadwayHD.

U.S. Dept. Of Justice Deals Crushing Blow To Songwriters.

Songwriting and music licensing is one of the most strongly regulated areas in entertainment, […] Streaming services, in particular, have greatly disrupted the industry and led to tremendous declines in the revenue paid to songwriters. However, songwriters’ hands are mostly bound, because the federal government’s Consent Decree mandates how songwriters can be paid.

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