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Molaundo Jones Post by Molaundo Jones

By Molaundo Jones on October 1st, 2018

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Member Spotlight: Colleen Hughes of You Sound Like a Girl

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by Molaundo Jones, Social Media Specialist at Fractured Atlas

Colleen Hughes smiles Colleen Hughes (Photo: Brit Worgan)

Colleen Hughes has been a member of Fractured Atlas since December 2014. She is the creator of “You Sound Like a Girl,” a performance piece and workshop that unpacks the impact of how society critiques women’s voices.

How has Fractured Atlas benefitted your artistic practice?

Fractured Atlas has given me the tools to support the administrative side of being an artist. Let’s be real, for most of us being an artist in America is not just about making the art, it’s about running a small business. Fractured Atlas’ tools have really helped me feel more capable when tackling those small business aspects of my artistic life. And ultimately, the less time I spend worrying about raising money, selling tickets and keeping audience records, means the more time I spend on making my art.

The cast and crew of “You Sound Like a GirlThe cast and crew of “You Sound Like a Girl (Photo: Brit Worgan)

How has Fractured Atlas benefitted your revenue/income generation?

Fiscal sponsorship has been a huge help in jumpstarting the fundraising for You Sound Like a Girl. The first tool that I used after becoming fiscally sponsored was Fundraising by Fractured Atlas to crowdfund for the summer development of the piece. Fundraising by Fractured Atlas allowed for the standard crowdfunding tools (video, rewards, goal, etc.), but thanks to Fractured Atlas we could access the money we raised almost immediately, without having to wait until the campaign ended. Plus the tax deduction was a big incentive for our larger donors. Next, I’m hoping to apply for some grant opportunities with the help of fiscal sponsorship, which has already opened the door to several opportunities that I would not have had as an individual artist.

Why do you think artists and organizations should become members of Fractured Atlas?

In our country, institutional support and funding for the arts is few and far between, but thanks to Fractured Atlas and its programs, there are alternative ways for artists and arts organizations to be sustainable. Asking for and talking about funding within the arts oftentimes feels overwhelming and perplexing, but Fractured Atlas’s programs really are trying to help artists to overcome this hurdle and be more independent.

The cast and crew of “You Sound Like a GirlThe cast and crew of “You Sound Like a Girl (Photo: Brit Worgan)

Do you have any upcoming events that people should know about?

On October 26th we’re headed to the Albany Academy for Girls to run a workshop with their high schoolers and to perform for their student body.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a result of being a Fractured Atlas member?

My biggest accomplishment as a result of being a Fractured Atlas member is definitely raising enough funds through the crowdfunding campaign to support our summer development process, pay all of our artists, and not have to take any money out of my own pocket. I’ve dipped into my personal funds more often than I’d like to admit to support my art, which I’m sure many artists can relate to, so the fact that I will not be spending any personal money on this specific project is pretty exciting.

Follow “You Sound Like a Girl” on Instagram: @yousoundlikeagirl

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Colleen4    Colleen5    Colleen7Photos of castmembers: Brit Worgan

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