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By Molaundo Jones on April 14th, 2020

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Member Spotlight: Carrie Isaacman of Shakespeare Sports

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Carrie Isaacman is founder of Shakespeare Sports Theatre Company, a New York City-based project that incorporates the technique of 'Unrehearsed Shakespeare' using scrolls. Carrie has been a member of Fractured Atlas for two years and her project currently has an active fundraising campaign for a production of Hamlet. Carrie shares some of her process of infusing the Shakespearean tradition of using actor scrolls in performance and how she hopes that translates into present-day theatre production. 

A photo of Carrie Isaacman in army green tank topCarrie Isaacman

How did you find out about Fractured Atlas and what prompted you to join?

A few years ago I decided to start looking for fiscal sponsorship and the prompt was that I was adding more production goals and I realized that I would need to do some financial planning. I did some research and found Fractured Atlas.

Tell us about your project. What inspired it and how do you hope it will impact people? 

Our current project is Shakespeare’s Hamlet, edited by the director Michael Hagins. What has inspired Shakespeare Sports is our goal of bringing the pure first folio and Shakespeare cue scripts to the stage and to community spaces within a more urban lens, sharing insight into Shakespeare’s life and times. Michael has taken on fight choreography for several of Shakespeare Sports' shows. When I asked him to direct and he offered a few of his edited Shakespeare pieces, I chose Hamlet because Shakespeare Sports has focused on comedies over the last few years. In the current climate I made the choice to work on a drama. I’m very much looking forward to being part of Michael's direction since I’ve been part of his fight direction.

An ad for Shakespeare Sports' production of Hamlet, August 27th-29th at  The Clemente in NYCShakespeare Sports Theatre Company's production of Hamlet, August 27-29th in NYC at The Clemente

What have been your biggest challenges with this project or with your work? 

Fundraising has been a challenge and it’s a skill that I’m working on.

Which Fractured Atlas tools and services have you taken advantage of? How have you used them to support your artistic practice? 

The discount that is offered at a non-profit rate as well as Spacefinder has helped in  my production goals and Fractured Atlas has guided me as I request letters that some organizations ask for in order for us to receive non-profit rates. The letters for the non-profit rates make spaces more possible to rehearse and prepare to have shows in. 

What has been most useful to you about your Fractured Atlas membership? 

The member services area and the online blogs have been the most useful tools for me. When the member services area guided me through writing a letter to an organization to apply for a grant, it made it more realistic and practical to apply.

How do you suggest other artists or organizations get the most out of Fractured Atlas?

What has helped me is reading Fractured Atlas' blog for information about fundraising and being able to ask support at Fractured Atlas for advice on resources for production.

What's next for you that we should be keeping an eye out for? 

Please keep an eye out for auditions for Hamlet. We're planning a production of Hamlet August 27 through 29 at 7pm EST and August 30th at 5pm EST at Clemente Center in New York City. I can be reached for more information at and press inquiries can be made through Jay Michaels at


Support Shakespeare Sports Theatre at!

You can learn more about Shakespeare Sports and follow them at and on Facebook.

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