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By Adam Huttler on November 14th, 2017

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Launching Exponential Creativity Ventures and Restructuring Our Team

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Today, we’re announcing the creation of a new entity to advance Fractured Atlas’s mission of democratizing access to the arts and advancing human creativity: Exponential Creativity Ventures, a new investment enterprise that will make early stage investments in start-ups that are innovating at the intersection of technology and human creative capacity.

Our Founder and CEO, Adam Huttler, will step away from his role at Fractured Atlas to serve as the CEO of Exponential Creativity Ventures (ECV). In a related move, our Board of Directors has approved a new four-person leadership structure for Fractured Atlas, a tested approach that reflects our ongoing commitment to advancing equity and equitable decision-making. There are no plans to conduct a CEO search at this time.

“The Board of Fractured Atlas is extremely grateful to Adam Huttler for his pioneering work as our founder and CEO,” said Holly Sidford, Chair of the Board. “We are equally excited about the prospects for Fractured Atlas’s next phase of growth and development, and tremendously optimistic about the potential of the new, independent entity Exponential Creativity Ventures (ECV). In making the commitment to ECV, we are simultaneously investing in new forms of human-centered technology that will propel people’s creativity, and in Fractured Atlas’s own future.”

“I am enormously proud of the impact Fractured Atlas has had and the many thousands of artists we’ve supported over the past twenty years,” said Adam. “I believe we have pioneered new approaches to serving creativity with technology and encouraged new ways of thinking about this realm. Having spent the last 9 months developing a new strategy for supporting human-centered technology, I am confident Exponential Creativity Ventures will bring forward new mechanisms for people to express their creativity, tell and disseminate their stories, and enable the arts to better serve humanity.”

Exponential Creativity Ventures will launch in early 2018. While ECV will be a separate corporate entity, Adam will continue to work closely with our board and staff as it develops, along with independent advisors. The programs and services that Fractured Atlas’s members know and rely on will remain unaffected by this restructuring.

The newly restructured management team includes Shawn Anderson, Chief Technology Officer; Tim Cynova, Chief Operating Officer; Lauren Ruffin, Chief External Relations Officer; and Pallavi Sharma, Chief Program Officer.

Visit the Fractured Atlas Media Center to read the full press release. To read more about Adam’s journey to launching ECV start here.

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Adam Huttler is the founder and Managing General Partner of Exponential Creativity Ventures. As a six-time founder, his career’s through-line has been about helping mission-driven companies use technology to drive innovative revenue strategies. Adam is best known as the founder of Fractured Atlas, a social enterprise SaaS platform that helps artists and creative businesses thrive.