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By Fractured Atlas on April 14th, 2016

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CultureFlash: The Best Entrepreneurs are “Missionaries,” not “Mercenaries” (4/14/2016)

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The Best Entrepreneurs are Missionaries, not Mercenaries.

“Mercenaries are ‘opportunistic.’ They’re ‘all about the pitch and the deal’ and are eager to sprint for short-term payoffs. Missionaries, on the other hand, are ‘strategic.’ They’re all about ‘the big idea’ and partnerships that last, and they understand that ‘this business of innovation is something that takes a long time’ — it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Scientists Can Now Store Digital Images in DNA.

“The technique is still expensive and equipment-intensive, but once it’s made affordable, we could theoretically store the whole history of art in a test tube.”

Art in the New Plutocracy.

“Art is no longer the mere status symbol it was in the age of Morgan. Instead, as Cohen’s exploits show, art has become an instrument for generating wealth and political influence in the interests of an audacious plutocracy.”

What the Panama Papers Reveal about the Art Market.

“At the moment, three cases in particular illustrate just how critical a role secrecy has come to play in the art market of today.”

How Much TV Do Millennials Watch a Day?Depends on the kind of Millenial You Are.

“For this survey, Nielsen split up millennials into three categories to accurately capture how they operate: “Dependent Adults” […] “On Their Own” […] and “Starting a Family”, […and it turns out] the answer is different depending on what kind of millennial you are.”

Museum Programs Affect Teens for a Lifetime.

“It turns out that participating in teen art programs also creates culturally-aware adults: Ninety-six percent of participants had visited an art museum within the last two years, and 68 percent had visited an art museum five or more times within the last two years. Thirty-two percent of program alumni work in the arts as adults.”

Art and Liberty in Egypt, Today and Yesterday.

“In this context and in the world of free markets, the Ministry of Culture appears to be a shepherd who can’t be bothered to tend his flock. So it is better for the livestock to be managed by those who know its value and are capable of taking care of it.”

Dinner at ‘The Longest Table’ Helps TallahasseeBreak Down Barriers.

“Such diversity can easily become grounds for heated debate. But ‘when you break bread with people, it changes it from being a debate to being about [building] relationships with people.’”

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