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By Fractured Atlas on May 6th, 2016

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CultureFlash: How Identity Politics Changed the Arts (5/6/2016)

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source: Wikimedia

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How Identity Politics Conquered the Art World.

“Art in this era has veered dramatically toward an approach that hasn’t been seen in the West for more than 1,000 years: a concerted urge, almost a rage, to be totally communicative to the largest possible audiences […] in the same register, telling stories of social, political, and philosophical conditions. Of course, not everybody today is making this kind of work. But taken together, it does constitute a real aesthetic movement, one that is biographical, autobiographical, personal — the art of the first person.”

OPINION: Art Museums Should Be Allowed toParticipate in Both Sides of the Free Market.

But what if rules about deaccessioning were abandoned? What would happen? My guess is: nothing much. […] In the end, a free market in art would most likely produce a net increase in public welfare, just as free markets do in nearly every other area.

Getting to Evidence-Based Policy: Three Perspectives.

“We may all agree that we want to base our policies and programs on good evidence, but questions remain. What evidence is most useful and reliable? Which options are based on the strongest evidence? Do we have enough evidence to make confident decisions?”

Vincent van Bot: The Robots Turning Their Hand to Art.

“’We’re so early with the possibilities of robots and art, the sky is the limit,’ said the competition founder, Andrew Conru. ‘It’s refreshing to see technology in action.’”

Canada Council Unveils Strategic Plan, Focusing on Indigenous Art Creation and Digital Technology.

“The Canada Council for the Arts plans to create a separate granting stream for indigenous arts and artists and to use its programs and influence ‘to engender a new relationship between Canada’s indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.’”

What Role Can Artists Play in Prison Reform?

“The relationship between artists and their subjects has always been full of potential pitfalls, and in the midst of the presidential primary spectacle and a cultural environment in which trying to demonstrate social consciousness has become a kind of currency for mega-corporations and massive arts institutions alike, it can be tough not to feel the creep of cynicism. But this conversation surprised me.”

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